Wanted: Agent David Washington - But the text on the Wanted posted is crossed out, and beneath it is the message: Bounty Collected




Glynda was concerned for some reason after reading the wanted poster Caboose randomly gave her. She immediately grabs the blue soldier and hauls him out of her office. “Take me to your world.. I’m going to look for Agent Washington..”

As the blue continued to stumble around, recovering slowly from the impromptu landing, he noticed Glynda making her much more controlled entrance to the all too familiar environment. Even in his current state, the simple-minded soldier was able to give her a thumbs up on the gracious entrance.

"Well…" He began, voice cracking. Caboose walked forward a few more steps and began to survey the surroundings, a foul stench stinging his nose every time he strayed too close to the corpse of a fallen soldier, one of which was dotted unceremoniously every few feet, some drowning in pools of their own blood, others scorched black by whatever tool had been their ultimate undoing, and some sporting cracks in the armour, or parts completely torn from their home on the soldier’s body. "This is where…"

The stain on the grass was black as night, it looked as though it was still a fresh burn, though that was simply a testament to how powerful the shot had been…which was, ironically enough, a testament to his fortitude.
Whatever testament it had been, it left a dark, permanent stain in Caboose’s memory…a testament to that moment of heart crushing pain.

"…This is where he got shot"
He wanted to remain there…still and silent…there in that moment where he could mourn his lost friend.
He wanted to leave…fast as he could…for every second he remained, Washington drew closer and closer to a worse fate, and every moment he remained, Glynda was no doubt getting more and more impatient.
The inner turmoil of his mind caused him pain, and ground Caboose to a halt…he simply stood there and stared at the site of the brutal attack which had sent Washington tumbling across the ground in a fit of electric jolts.
No matter how much she tried, Glynda could never hurt him more than those few seconds had…she couldn’t hope to match the pain he felt in his heart right now…

His pained heart lurched when his eyes dared to move left. Tire tracks…leading away from the scene

"Go away…"
"Jees, nice way to greet your saviors, pal!"
"Leave me alone…you’re not real"

Glynda took a step forward and she could already smell the found scent from afar. She covered her nose with an arm to keep herself focused even with the foul smell. There were remnants left from the battle and she couldn’t help but feel more uneasy, especially with the huge stain Caboose was looking at.

" Where he got shot.." She repeated taking a long look at the stain and god knows what could have happened to Washington. Caboose’s silence was already enough to tell how bad the damage was done to Washington.

She turned her gaze to the left and saw the tire tracks. ” Mister Caboose.. Let’s go..” She said tapping his shoulder and her legs alreayd moving with impatience.

"Yeah…" the blue muttered, his usually eccentric voice replaced with a cold dead vacuum of emotion, barren as the dreaded patch of poisoned memories.

These fucking memories…why did they insist on tormenting him? Why did they persist in their torture? He sealed his eyes shut in desperation, but he could still hear them. The shrill shrieks of the past piercing his ears. 
"You’re…not…real!" he bellowed
Locus chuckled from the other side of the wall. His torture could wait a few minutes, the black and yellow soldier seemed to be doing a fine job of it by himself anyway.
He knew it…even the toughest break eventually…that’s what he had told them

Caboose acknowledged Glynda’s observation and nodded, his eyes never leaving their dreaded focus. “Yeah..” he said hoarsely, before finally tearing his watering eyes towards the professor. At this point, he properly notice the tire tracks leading away from the scene, and dumb as he may have been, the simplistic soldier was able to do the math in his head. “They must have taken him this way!”

"Hello." her nervousness is evident in her telltale twitching, as well as her eyes holding a large amount of curiosity.





"Huh?" Caboose’s attention abandoned the 3 year old math problems that Felix had tasked him with, as the blue soldier looked behind him to try and identify what had chosen to disturb him.

The blue’s eyes widened and a small smile formed as he saw that not only had the anti-boredom savior come, but they were a completely new person to meet. Two for one, as it were. Simultaneously, however, he noticed that this new person was a girl, and not just that: she seemed agitated, which only served to increase his apprehension.
Still, anything was better than this.
"Oh! Hello Miss!…Wait-" oh god forbid, "-You’re not the teacher are you?!"

"Dyslexia." she said again, "Broken down, it’s made from two Greek words. The prefix "dys" means "bad" or "difficult", and "lexia", means "word", so together it would mean "difficulty with words". The condition of dyslexia doesn’t refer to just difficulties with words, but also numbers, and other visual, and audial stimuli. Basically, it means things get messed with in my head.” 

"Cat ears are really sensitive. I like them too, but they’d probably just make me more nervous. A tail would help with my balance, which is pretty crap, honestly. And as for wings." a shrug. "They’re okay. Make my shoulders and back sore as hell sometimes."

Caboose stared at the girl with a blank expression and blank mind, his feeble brain shorting out and breaking down in the face of her relentlessly complicated words and ideas, far too much for his mind to comprehend. He managed to follow her explanation…somewhat…a little…maybe.
He finally got it when she explained that it was just things getting messed up in her head. “Oh! I get it!….No seriously, I get things messed up in there all the time” he said with attempted sympathy for her situation.

"Really? Shouldn’t wings make your back feel nice and soft from all the wing feathers?" he asked, puzzled.

She sighs. “I hate it when it flares up. I had to take a Greek exam and I failed ‘cause I couldn’t remember things.”
“I don’t have feathers. My wings are like those of a dragon or a bat. And even if they weren’t they’re kinda heavy. It’s…” she pauses, thinking. “It’s kinda like having a jetpack, I suppose. They’re helpful, but they’re heavy and weigh you down, and make your shoulders and back ache. Besides, I don’t think most people have feathers growing out of their backs.” she pauses again, this time becoming slightly nervous. “If you would like, I could show you my wings.”

Caboose shuddered and gave Kat a look of sympathy, “Oh god, that sounds really bad and scary and horrible…” he said, offering condolence; “…the exam, I mean”
The miss-lexicon part was probably bad too

"Cooooool" The simplistic trooper exclaimed in excitement. Dragon wings?! That was beyond awesome. Even better that they apparently had the powers of a jetpack. "Maybe you could rest on a cloud in the sky? That might make you comfortable!" the blue suggested, trying to be helpful.
When the offer to see her wings arose, it took him 2, maybe 3 milliseconds to respond with an excited “Yes please!” coupled with curled fingers, his hands moving up and down in a short display of excitement.


The Shade was in a terrible fucking mood, since he’d been pissing about for the last few months or so, warping from place to place, trying to find his way back to Revelry.Skygge had seen some decent places, and some utterly terrible ones, but really; this one takes the cake; as one of the worst he’s ever seen.


The Sort-of-but-not-really-at-this-point-in-time god had found himself in the middle of a boxed canyon, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of somewhere that wasn’t his damn territory. Skygge realizes just how much he is starting to hate Ferals. Oh well, if he was lucky he’d meet someone who could help, assuming the bases here weren’t abandoned, which they probably are.


"Hell-o~! I’m a little lost lady~ And I’m very pretty!" Skygge called out in a sing-song voice, not really bothering to switch to his female form. The stereotypes were true, then there would be a few desperate soldiers running out to help him.

No, wait; Don’t they say that about prisoners?

Oh well.

In a very different situation, the resident simple minded blue  was having a rather good day so far. Perhaps not his best, but any day in which Church agreed to play hide-and-don’t-seek was a good day for Caboose. The blue soldier had deduced a fantastic hiding place to use; his own bedroom, specifically under his small bed coated in the thin, dark blue cloth which just barely passed as his bed covers. They made an excellent ghost costume though…
…well, he thought they did at least. He had yet to earn Church’s approval for it.

The blue armoured man child curled up below the thin metal frame, reducing his breathing to a less than audible level and making himself comfortable in this perfect position. And there he hid…
…for about an hour…
…or two, he really was never good at counting.

After a good period of lying there, barely fighting off the urge to sleep, Caboose decided to stand up and quickly stretch his legs before he retreated under there. The lack of Church searching didn’t bother him, not one bit, the light blue leader often took his time when playing this game. He had explained that it was all a part of his winning strategy, which made him an excellent not-seeker.

As Caboose engaged in his small recovery, however, he heard something from through the nearby wall.
…Something about a lost little lady…and…pretty?
The blue was still a little dazed, but his mind was still straight and true on what to do here: Go make a new potential friend…
…once he grabbed his gun from the bedside. Girls, even the pretty ones, were often dangerous and mean after all. At least, that’s what his previous encounters had taught him.

The childish soldier, now fully armoured and wielding weaponry, slowly walked out of the room and down the hallway, slowly turning the corner.
"Hello?" he called out, before stopping as he came face to face with…someone who didn’t look like a lady, but they were certainly a new face.

"Oh! Hello there!" he greeted eccentrically, "…do you know where the pretty lady went?"

Bang! (Shiplikemyhelmet)



…It had started off innocent enough.
Just a chat between friends (or at least, acquaintances) which Caboose had remained absent from mentally.
Talk of science, maths, little bits of military knowledge and even the occasional tactic mumbo jumbo which succeeded beyond belief to leave the simple-minded soldier completely dumbfounded.and wholeheartedly uninterested.

Whilst Samus continued to speak about…whatever boring, brain hurtingly complex subject she was talking about, the blue soldier continued to focus on the gun in his hands, which he slowly twisted and spun with is fingers in an attempt to keep himself entertained.

The conversation, however, soon began to make an interesting transition. Suddenly, the boring subjects of science and knowledge took a back seat to Samus’ more exciting adventure tales. Daring escapades, amazing accidents which had left her fighting for survival, and best of all? Awesome explosions.
Caboose quickly regained his interest and listened to the female bounty hunter regale her stories, his eyes widening with every twist or turn, his imagination running wilder with every passing second of wonderful imagery and his fingers continuing to fiddle with the gun faster and faster as his heart rate increased.

Finally, the story reached an exciting, surprise conclusion which brought Caboose a pleasant surprise, sending a jolt through his entire body.
Including his trigger finger.
Which shot the pistol perfectly at Samus’ leg.

At first, the simple-minded soldier was a little taken aback by the woman’s action, simply believing that she had experienced a similar explosion of excitement physically affecting her body, and seemingly causing her a little leg jolt.
The blood convinced him otherwise. It was horrifying enough to cause him to drop the gun, and gasp. “Oh no, not again!” he exclaimed, half as a shout of shock, half as a whine of regret for repeating his usual mistake of team killing.

Their conversation had, before then reached a climax. His excitement was, of course, to expected. Friends often enjoyed her recounting her actions during the beginning if the Phazon Crisis, back when it was localized to Pirate populations. In her oral journey, she had once again climbed over the edge of a monolith statue and onto the back of her drakish for. That is, until she was suddenly pulled from her story and into a reality unexpectedly filled with stinging. Samus was caught in a fog of denial permeated by the red glow of pain. Last she’d checked, she wasn’t in an immediate danger. She was in the company of a friend. A ditzy friend, but a friend nonetheless. It wasn’t until she noticed the object in his hand that she understood the predicament she was in. Her friend’s innocent busting of the hand left the Hunter with a very serious injury to attend to, one that, if unattended could cost her far more than a story.

Caboose quickly tossed aside the damned gun which had betrayed him once more, before rushing closer to Samus (although keeping a safe distance, just in case he had managed to anger her) and looking at the wound with trembling legs and shaky, nervous breath. “Sorry!” he quickly blurted out, “I promise this doesn’t happen often!….Well….it-it hasn’t happened in a while” he excused weakly.

"Chomp!" (I just want the pocky)





My muse is chowing down on a box of pocky and your muse seems to have a sudden craving for the chocolate covered treat! (or perhaps my muses’ lips?~) Send “Chomp!” for my muse’s reaction to yours biting the other end of the pocky stick!

Caboose sat beside kat in the hospital wing, the blue soldier holding the small red box of pocky sticks on his lap, whilst watching the girl intently just on the off chance that something went wrong, or he caused an inevitable, patented “Caboosish disaster”.

Ever since the accident with the gun which totally was not his fault, Kat had been treated and checked regularly by the paramedics of the New Republic base, all the while Caboose keeping a close eye on her mostly because of his overwhelming guilt, but also thanks to the push given to him by Kimball who insisted that he needed to take responsibility for the incident.
Felix had stood up for the childish trooper at first, hoping that he would be excused so that he could learn the rather impressive gun flip and tricks that Caboose had executed.

The blue had offered Kat a few of the pocky sticks, whilst happily nibbling on his own. However, in a moment of weakness for chocolate and forgetfulness in his weak mind, the blue had spent a 5 minute period just eating them himself, not handing any to the girl in the bed.
Apparently Kat had decided to rectify that, and in a rather abrupt, unexpected way.

Caboose didn’t really mind sharing the pocky stick with her, not one bit, but he couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy about the manner in which she was approaching it….

This was a game she’d played before with her friend. She’d begun to think of Caboose as a friend. It really didn’t take much to begin to start acting like she did with her friends.
She feels satisfied with herself, unaware of his uneasiness. She gives a happy squeak as she settles back with her prize of several pocky sticks, which she’d managed to snatch. 
When she does notice, she offers an embarrassed smile, “Sorry if I made you nervous. I don’t mean anything by it.” Her eyes grow hard and cold as they drop, her smile disappearing, and she mutters, more to herself than to anyone else, “Wouldn’t want to anyway.”

Caboose looked around in confusion as his lips rested securely on the shared pocky stick, and he quickly grew a weak, nervous smile to give Kat in an attempt to de-awkward the situation.

When it was all over, the blue soldier looked down towards his lap and noticed the absence of the little red box which had nestled there previously. His eyes widened as his head darted around in shock, until they finally realized what had transpired. Kat had decided to take it off his hands and look after the box for him, well wasn’t that kind of her? And now, she was apologizing for the slightly nerve racking situation they had just endured. “Oh, that’s okay!…I would probably have done it too, if I was hungry”.

Her mind still in places she’d rather not be, Kat looks down at the pocky in her hands. “I-I-” her head snaps up. “I think my foot feels better. Can we go for a walk later?”

"Oh good!" Caboose said in reference to her foot’s recovery, taking a moment to look at his handiwork and wincing slightly. He was going to have a hard time blaming this one on Tucker.
Not that he’d struggle, mind you.
Team killing wasn’t really a new thing to Caboose, but shooting a teammate and putting them in pain? It surprisingly made him even more guilty. Though it may have partially been attributed to the fact that his new team kill victim wasn’t Church. It was a scarily new, unfamiliar experience.

"Sure! if the nice doctory people say you can!"

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"Ah don’t worry, we’re all used to it by now" Caboose stated, shrugging, "Mrs McCrabby has beaten us up loads of times…
Does your bogeywoman do that?”

image"If she did, she’d have to answer to my sister."

"Oh, that sounds scary…but we had a sister on our team once, and she did not beat us up!…but she was mean sometimes”


the best way to start off L4D2 is with Red Vs Blue


the best way to start off L4D2 is with Red Vs Blue

Happy Easter Caboose







"Merry easter to you too, Adam!"

Adam smiles before repling “Not yet I have to find her first. So what’s happened since I left on my trip?” Resealing the pack he puts it under his coat before removing the mask. “It feels good to be back.”

Caboose took a deep breath in and began to nervously rub the back of his head. “Since you left?….w-weeell….uuh…” with a wince, he tried to explain; “We got attacked by these meanie people with big guns and then Sarge and Mr Pop-tart and Agent Washington all got shot and captured and then we got moved here with some new republicy people to try and help rescue them and now I’m in charge of my own team and I haven’t seen Mrs Blake in a while and sometimes I cry at night because I miss Washington and Church and then you came back and I was slightly happier the end” 
With a deep, deep breath, he finished.

Frowning Adam turns to face Caboose pupils shifting from black to red. “You got attacked and then Blake went missing afterwards?” Sliding the mask back on Adam turns to face the base. “Where was freckles for all of this Caboose”

"Noo…" Caboose said, attempting to be reassuring but simply wielding a tone of solemnness. "Mrs Blake disappeared before the battle…I think she is okay! The soldier people said they saw a girl in black a while ago” he explained.

"And Freckles?…" The simplistic soldier bowed his head in sorrow, "…The mean soldier people hurt him… he was okay, but… he stayed behind with Washington when the scary federation people took him…" he sniffed, holding back the tears.

Readjusting the mask Adam pulls out Wilt and Blush. “I say we go find Blake and go off and get freckles.” Loading a bit of black dust into the chamber of wilt Adam fires it into the sky. “Now hopefully she’ll see the blast.”

Caboose nodded, “O-Okay…but it might be a little hard to find him, because we do not know where the mean people who took him and Washingtub are…” the simplistic soldier muttered sadly.

"U-um, wait, before we call her, are you sure she is not going to be mad at us anymore? Because that would be really sca-!" before he could protest more, the flare had already been shot high into the air. Caboose gulped, preparing for Mrs Blake’s eventual arrival…
…and potential scariness.

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