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Mikey Jr whined loudly in his puppy form, seeing his ball stuck in the scary room with all the hurty things. (The armory.)

Caboose heard the whining from nearby, immediately making his way towards that all too familiar sound. “Mikey?!” he called out, before noticing a small figure down the hall. “Mikey! What’s wro- Oh”
He froze as soon as he saw the scary room with all the hurty things



If Carolina dies next Season, the entire Church family will be dead.



"You teriyaki, pencil cirus" is like the best insult ever




Reminder that this is probably what Junior looks like now.


But Tucker being so used to the Sangheili that he’s not even automatically scared of them anymore tho. Tucker just like fistbumping aliens and hugging Junior and just being like “Fuck! Am I glad to see you guys.”

#wash freaking out because he’s actually fought these guys before  #and this fucking giant elite charges at tucker and wash thinks  #this is it this is the end of lavernius tucker  #and then tucker is laughing and several feet off the ground with his arms around the alien’s neck


Damn time zones. It upsets the flow of a roleplay and makes ooc communication really difficult. 


Damn time zones. It upsets the flow of a roleplay and makes ooc communication really difficult. 

Me when asking for rps


Rp partner: Anyone want to rp?

Me: I do!

Rp partner: All right! do you wanna plot or?…






Director: You would be surprised what we are capable of, even from this distance. I suggest you work with us if you expect to survive this.
Washington: I’m sorry, did something about my actions indicate I expect to survive?

why does everyone always forget about this

this still matters a lot to me but the other thing i want to bring up is that the wash we see here is so far removed from the wash we see at the end of rvb 11. that’s a wash who sacrifices himself, but who under any circumstances doesn’t want to die. he’s got people to get back to.

reconstruction!wash doesn’t. he wants to go out with a bang and be done with all this.

reconstruction wash is reason to cry


the blood gulch chronicles: a summary

I think you mean Entering the Roosterteeth Fandoms: a summary