Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand sleep!

…next to Caboose who’s hiding Freckles somewhere in his bed again
Oh man, this went to hell so fast…

"No…no, you can’t…don’t take Freckles!….mmmnngh, no…he’s mine…he’s my friend!"

*sighs* …sweet dreams, Caboose…sweet dreams…

"Good morning, Caboose! I hope you had a good night's rest!"




"Bwah! Tucker did it-!" Caboose exclaimed groggily as he was abruptly awoken from his slumber, shooting upright and looking over to the perpetrator, Mrs Crazy. "Oh! Hello, Lady Doc!" he greeted cheerily.

The blue man child let out his own little giggle at her joke, though only in truth because it seemed courteous, the punch line and it’s comedy had skillfully escaped him. Although he was egged on by the doctor’s upbeat, if not giddy personality, which managed to make him feel all the more comfortable around her, someone who could share his optimism (despite doing so with bigger, more complicated words) despite the scary situations that faced them. “Oh okay! Yes, I can count that!” the blue lied vigorously, praying secretly that his magical helmet of numbers could figure out how long an hour was in his tiny brain’s stead. Still, he took on the doctor’s advice and agreed that a good breakfast was most definitely in order, accompanied by washing and brushing his teeth as he had been trained to do since childhood, though never fully mastered even in adulthood. So, despite the objections of his still tired body, he began to slowly pull himself out of bed and toward the preparations for…the..psychic? socko? scarily long named thing that was to come in the next hour.

She giggled, moving her hand up to cover the mouth behind the helmet.  It was still hard to get used to not having her face be shown, though with years that she spent outside the base at the New Republic, you’d think that she would have gotten used to it by now.  ”How about I send you a reminder to your helmet when you need to come over?  That’s super easy to program and even easier to send to you!  Plus, the mess hall is just across the way from the research facility, though I don’t see very many people using it…”  Must have been the smell that came from the sewers.

"I’ll give you a reminder, all right?  No worries!"  As she left, Gray stopped outside the mess hall and asked them to keep Caboose’s meal light on the dairy.  She knew the tests that she was about to give could be…well, they would make any strong soldier lose their lunch, but didn’t want Caboose to be too terrified of her.

The blue man-child felt a little left out, hearing the perfectly sane doctor laugh at some kind of joke he had not been told yet. Well, either that or he had simply not understood it, that wasn’t uncommon both in and outside the realm of jokes. One thing he could understand though was forgetting a helmet rested atop your shoulders, and so doing things like covering your mouth to muffle words and yet somehow it doesn’t seem to work, or blowing on the fires you definitely didn’t make to put them out, only for the air to never quite reach the flickering tongue of the flames. When the doctor offered a chance at less math, the blue soldier replied with a “Yes please!” coupled with no hesitation. He also made sure to pay close attention to the location of her doctoring area, just in case he forgot, which of course he would probably never do because he was too smart, right? Whatever the odds, he took a mental note of where he was to go for this somewhat intimidating examination and nodded confidently. “Okay Doctor Charcoal!” he said as the lady doc left the room, leaving the simple minded soldier to slowly pull himself out of bed to get his blue armour on over the jumpsuit. 

Finally, once awake, he made his way into the mess hall, his appointed morning meal quickly distracting his memory from the appointment. After consuming his breakfast he took a moment to rest at the table, until his helmet suddenly came alive with beeps and bright lights, causing him to jump and quickly recall the scary doctors appointment (or was it the even scarier dentist appointment?) with the actually not that scary doctor. Leaping from his seat, he rushed down the hall to try and find the research facility, and after only 2 instances of going the wrong way (which was quite a record for him) he finally found himself standing there, calling for Dr Gray.

me: i love roleplaying
me: roleplaying is so fun
me: this is a fun time
me: takes 90 years to reply


I always feel really weird seeing people like my RP’s

I mean

Did they like it because they liked my writing? Did they like it because they liked the other persons writing?
Did they like it for the ask/answer which started the RP, because they thought it was humorous?
Did they approve of the ship?
Did they actually read it or just like it on a whim?
Was it an accidental like?

It’s just - It’s not like a peeve or anything, I don’t mind it at all! It just sorta piques my curiosity, y’know?




Caboose sealed his eyes, wrinkled his nose and stretched his smile wide as he felt one of Ali’s now much adored, treasured kisses press against his lips. For something so frequently repeated the loving smooches still felt so special, more so than any cookie ever could be, he theorized. After reacting like little boy, and giggling giddily at the tender tickle of the red head’s lips, the blue man child felt his hand tugged towards their apparent destination. He followed obediently, taking in the gorgeous interior of the house which made him feel like a noble knight being taken on a tour of a magical castle.

His smile weakened as he noticed Ali’s clothing, and he concurred that yes perhaps a change was indeed in order. “Okay! What do you want to change into?” he asked. Perhaps she could change from a princess to a frog? Or she could become a bird?.

For a while, the short girl didn’t answer; instead she focused in leading him through countless corridors and doors, taking in the reassuring sight of her house.


At a very particular door at the end of a rather large corridor, she came to a halt and hovered her hand over the knob. What do I want to change into?, her mind wondered as well. She turned to look at him and gave him a quizzical look. 


"I don’t… Know. Maybe you can help me choose?" She suggested, opening the door that led into her bedroom.

For a girl room, it was rather small. The bed had a light yellow duvet with tiny orange flowers sewn all over it, harmonising with the rest of the softly lit bedroom. The walls were decorated with countless paintings, drawings and doodles, some of them framed and artistically placed, some others seemingly just taped onto the wall. Ali walked into the room with her brightest smile plastered on her face, and she tugged Caboose’s hand to lead him into the room. “Welcome to my room.” She added casually.

Caboose stood behind her, watching excitedly as the door to whatever transfiguration his heart desired was opened. He got to choose what she could turn into? Oh boy oh boy - Ali was great as it was already, but Ali as a tank? Or a giraffe?! That was beyond awesome to his childish brain, which was already abuzz with the eccentric thoughts of what he wanted to see her as.

So admittedly, he was a little disappointed when he saw that the room was actually a bedroom of some sorts - though he refused to be completely demoralized, and besides; he could still appreciate that the room itself was actually rather pretty and, lord knows, welcoming after spending so much of his life in the grubby soldier beds they had been assigned. Although admittedly, those ones had the benefits of little creature friends visiting him in the night and Church in the next room.

The blue found himself amazed by the pretty pictures on the wall, the big framed paintings were a joy to look at, but of course it was the doodles which really captured his intrigue, the ones that were to him the true artistic genius, the more squiggly and childish the image, the more prizes it surely won at one of those boring art show thingies. He was shaken from this admiration by Ali’s firm tug on his arm, which brought him back to an equally nice, if not better sight (one with with less squiggly lines or even absence of colour). Then, the sudden revelation hit him hard: this was her room? “Woooow” he gushed in amazement, “This is really…girly” he admitted, somewhat ashamed for doing so, “But also really cool!” he added merrily, meaning it too. With the introduction to this lovely little room complete, Caboose decided that perhaps they should press on with transforming Ali before the red on her shirt (which was of course his shirt, though he had long forgotten) stuck to it, knowing full well not how it happened, but that when it happened it was annoying and boring to deal with. “So, where do you change into awesome animals and things?” he asked.


As you can see on the left, you see two young females beating the shit out of guys.

What would you do if someone took freckles?


"Why are you asking? Why would someone take Freckles?
Are you going to take Freckles?!
Why do you want to take Freckles?!
I’m not letting you take him!”

"Are you okay?"

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Caboose was knelt before the still burning wreckage, for they hadn’t really got around to removing it from the center of the canyon yet. He brought his arm up, gliding it across his face to wipe away the tears and even some of the snot that had escaped in his melancholy mourning. All he could say between the sniffing and sobbing was the name of the dearly beloved he had lost in this wreckage; “……”.